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Working hours of the SibFU Scientific Library

Monday - Friday: 900 – 1900.
Reading room 4-04: 900 – 2100.
Saturday, Sunday: 900 – 1700.
Sunday is a day off.

Scientific Library

The Library actively participates in cultural and educational activities of the University and provides a platform for events of federal and regional importance.

Main activities:

  • Information support of all user groups;
  • High-quality formation of printed books and electronic educational resources;
  • Development of hardware and software for Electronic Library;
  • Information, bibliographic and scientometric support of inquiries of the faculty members and graduate students;
  • Expansion of user services implemented in the electronic environment;
  • Carrying out and participation in cultural and educational events of the university, regional and federal levels;
  • Increase of user information culture;
  • Participation in project and innovation activities;
  • Corporate library cooperation.

SFU Scientific Library provides access for the users to its own electronic resources, university resources, national and foreign databases, including such databases of scientific information as Elsevier Freedom Collection, Web of Science, Scopus and others.
The electronic library contains SFU publications, electronic copies of educational and scientific literature, educational and methodological complexes of disciplines of educational programs of the University, etc.
Collection of printed publications consists of over 2 million copies of scientific and educational publications of technical, scientific, humanitarian, social and economic spheres.
The Library web-site is developed as a platform for providing a uniform point of access to SFU SL electronic information resources, electronic catalog, remote access resources, support system, news and other resources.
Scientific Library uses the cutting-edge information technologies, collection of documents and information media, provides access to the global information space, and supports the training of high-qualified experts.
The Library has 13 circulation departments, 17 reading rooms with total of 300 seats available to readers.
Each room is equipped with a video projection system, which allows access to electronic educational and scientific materials as well as provides platform for carrying out educational and scientific seminars, online events (webinars) using advanced interactive technologies.


Elena N. Kasyanchuk
79/10 Svobodny pr., Room B2-15, 660041 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Tel: + 7 (391) 291-28-20
E-mail: ekasyanchuk@sfu-kras.ru 


Department of Information Library Resources Formation
Department of Methodological and Information Work
Department of Scientific and Bibliographic Work
Reading Rooms Department
Reader Service №1 (Natural Sciences and Humanities)
Reader Service №2 (Trade and Economics)
Reader Service №3 (Mining and Geology, Metallurgy)

Call Center: +7 (391) 206-21-06

Режим работы НБ СФУ
Monday - Friday: 900 – 1900.
Reading room 4-04: 900 – 2100.
Saturday, Sunday: 900 – 1700.
Sunday is a day off.
+7 (391) 291-25-74
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