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Monday - Friday: 900 – 1700.
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Electronic-library system "KnigaFund"

Resource Address: http://www.knigafund.ru

Access: until 01/10/2017

Sign in: authorization through the login and password: testid799/UKpYO53u

The database contains more than 170 thousand publications of 110 Russian publishing houses. Here you can find literature that meets modern requirements and educational standards, including the federal state educational standards for higher education (GEF VPO) of the new generation.

For SFU users educational, scientific, reference literature is available in the following areas:

  • physico-mathematical sciences,
  • natural sciences,
  • humanities,
  • social sciencies,
  • education and pedagogy,
  • culture and art,
  • economics and management,
  • information security,
  • service sector,
  • agriculture and fisheries,
  • geodesy and land management,
  • geology, explorationandmining,
  • energetics, power machine building and electrical engineering,
  • metallurgy, machine building and material processing,
  • aviation and space technology,
  • weapons and weapons systems,
  • marine engineering,
  • vehicles,
  • instrument making and optotechnics,
  • electronic equipment, radio engineering and communications,
  • automation and control,
  • informatics and computer facilities,
  • chemical and biotechnology,
  • reproduction and processing of forest resources,
  • technology of food products and consumer goods,
  • architecture and construction,
  • life safety.
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Monday - Friday: 900 – 1700.
Saturday, Sunday is a day off.
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