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The database:"Social and human sciences / EASTVIEW" contains 51 leading Russian scientific and art&science journals, including 31 journals of the publishing house in the Russian Academy of Sciences, socio-political and humanities journals from “Nauka” publishing house, independent scientific publications, as well as art&science journals ("New World", "Neva", "Friendship of Peoples", etc.). The volume of the archive since 2000. The journal "Questions of History" is a complete electronic version of the journal since 1926.

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List of journals

Archaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia
Fightingof Classes
Questions of the history, science and technology
Questions of philosophy
Issues of economics
Language Relationships
Questions of linguistics
East. Afro-Asian societies: history and modernity
State and Law
State, religion, church in Russia and abroad
The humanities in Siberia
Dostoevsky: Materials and Research
Fiendship of Peoples
The Banner
Proceedings of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Series of literature and language
Art cinema
Marxist historian
History of Philosophy Yearbook
Historical Journal
History and Historians
Book Review
Book Review PRO
Latin America
Literary studies
International life
International Processes
International Journal of Social Sciences
World Economy and International Relations
World Energy Policy
Young guard
NG. Exlibris
NG. Collections
NG. The science
NG. Religions
Science in Russia
Scientific book
Our contemporary
Nekrasovsky collection
Emergency ration
New and recent history
New youth
New literary review
New world
Social sciences and modernity
Society and economics
Odysseus: The Man in History
Domestic archives
POLIS. Political Studies
Political class
Problems of the Far East
Problems of forecasting
Psychological journal
Russian Archeology
Russian history
Russia in global politics
Russia and Europe
Russian history
Russian literature
Russian speech
Russian Literature
USA - Canada. Economy, Politics, Culture
Free thought
Slavic Studies
Social- humanitarian knowledge
Socio-political sciences
Sociological research
Philological Sciences
Philosophy of Education
Philosophical studies
ECO. All-Russian Economic Journal
Economics and Mathematical Methods
Economic policy
Economic Development of Russia
Ethnographic Review
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Reading room 3-01: 900 – 2100.
Saturday: 900 – 1700.
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