Working hours of the SibFU Scientific Library

Monday–Friday: 900–1900
Saturday (Б3-09): 900–1700
Sunday is a day off

About the Library

The Scientific Library of SibFU is one of the main structural units of the university, providing high-quality information support of educational process and scientific research. The library takes an active part in cultural and educational activities of the university, is the platform for conducting events at the federal and regional levels.

Main activities:

  • Information services for users of all categories.
  • Qualitative formation of the book fund and electronic educational resources.
  • Development of the Electronic Library software and hardware complex.
  • Information-bibliographic and science-metric support of the faculty and post-graduate students requests.
  • Expansion of the service sector for users in the electronic environment.
  • Conducting and participating in cultural and educational events at the university, regional and federal levels.
  • Improve the information culture of users.
  • Participation in project and innovation activities.
  • Corporate library cooperation.



Режим работы НБ СФУ
Monday–Friday: 900–1900
Saturday (Б3-09): 900–1700
Sunday is a day off
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